Aidan has been a professional psychic for over 20 years, working around the world, in some of the most unusual environments. Numerology in Australia, geomancy in Ireland, tarot in China, and cocoa crispies in Singapore - he's made an effort to see the world, and to divine there in one of the innumerable methods from around the world. Currently, he divines with Bones, pictured above.

Drawing from his animistic, druidic, and shamanic training, as well as traditions from around the globe, and developed using principles described in his "Throwing Bones - How to Create Your Own Oracle" class, the Bones are capable of responding to any need and clarifying any situation.

Aidan's expertise is in diagnosing spiritual imbalance and analyzing the complexities of relationships, romantic and otherwise. He's particularly known for his ability to clarify complex situations in terms that anyone can understand, and is able to reach the heart of problems to find a solution.

Aidan is available for readings and one-on-one and group classes by appointment.

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