June 8, 2012

Hex was a performance art piece performed as part of the Residue Denver group show at Edge. It took real spell working and built it into a performance designed to place a hex on crooked politicians everywhere. Magic and ritual walk hand in hand, and are together the oldest performance art.

Ritual is performance for people on behalf of the Spirits, and magic is for the Spirits on behalf of people.

That's one way to look at it, anyway.

The Performance

A nameless, faceless, dark figure stands at an altar, a pair of disembodied hands. A narrator reads a spell, and at significant points in the spell, the hands add ingredients to a jar. At the end, a black candle was lit, and allowed to burn down, releasing the spell into the world, to curse bad politicians of every variety with all sorts of consequences.

Afterwards, observers were smudged, so that they wouldn't be affected by or carry the energy of the spell.


The Spell

I hereby summon and call to my side
A darkish spirit from the other side
To set things right in the world
And see our plans fully unfurled

By Thor and Odin
By Mercury and Zeus
By Lugh and the Allfather
By Death and his Noose
I summon and call you Spirit
I release and set you loose!

Hear now what I proclaim:

All those politicians
All those public servants
Anyone who creates a fight
Will suffer the consequence

The ones who divide us
Who make it this or That
Are subject to the powers
Of vinegar from the vat

A cup of sour
A jar of pain
A bitter life
And bad like rain

<Vinegar added to the jar>

And to those who say
Out of two-sided mouths
That they serve the People
as they violate their vows

In the unholy name of money
And on hunt for lobbied gold
With yes to corporate persons
You sold your very soul

A yellow head
A head of seeds
Your costs grow
Beyond your means

<Dandelion Root added>

The ones who see absolutes
Where it's all one or another
There's no meeting in the middle
And you condemn every other

Gays are evil and must be stopped
The bible says it, so it's true
The extremistly religious stand
On corners and threaten to sue

Small explosive
Tiny burning
Sharply painful
Continuous hurting

<Poppits/gunpowder added>

There are the ones who speak
From sly mouths dishonest
Where every word uttered
Is broken though promised

They lie and cheat and steal
While swearing to assist
Every truth falls aside
And all their goals are missed

Spider grass
And Spider Web
Catch the lies
Their power ebb

<Vetiver (aka spidergrass) added>

Some others focus low
Dumbed down for every man
They do not care or know
Its not their master plan

They say the dumbest things
The stupid, the unwise
When pointed out to them,
Dont revise, and no goodbyes

Silver gray
Clansing smoke
Wisdom leaf
Builds your yoke

<Sage added>

And simple corruption
Self-serving private gain
There's plenty of them too
A sad and constant stain

The kleoptocracy's here
A government of thieves
Every one out to get
Whatever he can recieve

All the dead
Hear us say
Nail you down
Make you pay

<Coffin nails added>

Some preach their virtues
Zeal and glory and right
But all these unjust fools
Are all the greatest blight

They teach us denial
Of every great we may be
Cowards and play-actors
Pretending as weighty

Flying yellow
Stabbing sharp
Piercing each time
Into your heart

<Wasps added>

Compassionless are a
Greater problem by far
Those who ignore the needy
As if they lack a heart

The hungry, the oppressed
Are just whiny asses
They say they should go away
Join the unwashed masses

Freezing water
From the heights
Coldest hearts
Get colder nights

<Snow water added>

Hate and fear become one
In every bigot's mind
Though they serve the People
Their opinions are unconfined

No matter where you come from
Regardless of who you are
These ones still want to see
Them in the back of the car

Bendy root
Bend you over
End you all
Fuck you over

<Licorice Root added>

So spirit, light that flame
Burn candle soak spells
To every statesman's shame
That commits these evil deeds
To each of these disclaim
A lifetime of retribution:

You are done, you fucking assholes
We will not take it - go to hell
We are strong, you are wrong
All the while our numbers swell

The end of your twisted politics
The end of all the fighting
and the end of all the greed
and the end of all the extremes
and the end of all the lies
and the end of all the stupidity
and the end of all the corruption
and the end of all the hypocrisy
and the end of all the heartlessness
and the end of all the hatred