little gods

October 8th - 31st, 2010

Drawing on a variety of spiritual traditions, including religious iconography as well spirit houses and traps, "little gods" explores animistic traditions and how we relate spiritually with the world around us. Each piece, built in layers of polyurethane resin, encourages the viewer to find a way to relate to the piece, and to the "little god" it embodies and represents. The little gods vary from the god of trees to the god of lightbulbs, and onward to the god of zombies.

The show was very successful - 10 of the 14 pieces were sold. Unfortunately, due to a hard drive crash, the original photos for most of the pieces were lost.


God of Icy Rain
Glass, ink, and other pigments in resin.
Collection: Mike & Heidi Moreland


God of Trees
Papyrus, rose stems, bone, copper, cedar in resin.
Collection: Terry Decker